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Cards & Gifts

Smiles on the Square provide greeting cards for every occasion. Seasonal gifts, gifts from the heart, or special treats for yourself. Also handmade candies, local coffee, educational toys and treats for your special furry friend. Candles and handcrafts, too – many from local Kansas City artisans.

Toner & Ink

Extensive inventory of compatible (all new components) toner cartridges for just about every laser printer, plus remanufactured ink cartridges, for all major printers. OEM ink and toner cartridges in two (2) business days. Ribbons, films, and wide format cartridges are also available via special order.

Office Products

All the basics at your fingertips, with special orders available in 1 to 2 business days – all competitively priced. Copy paper, standard and legal are always in stock by the ream or case. Custom rubber stamps and stationary needs as well, and we can help you with your office furniture needs, too.

Specialty Greeting Cards

Many years ago I was told that if you never wanted to work a day in your life, find a job that you absolutely love. At the time I found that very difficult to believe and understand, however that is exactly what I have found with Smiles on the Square. That’s not to say I don’t go home tired – sometimes totally spent, and it isn’t easy, either!

At the same time, I consider myself late if I’m not at the store at least 30 minutes prior to opening. I guess that’s because I do just about everything there is to do, from cleaning to buying, from selling to doing the banking, negotiating contracts and trying to generate new business. What happens – good or bad, is on me, and I love it! And I love my customers, too!!

You see, it’s just you, me, and old Bo, my German Shorthaired Pointer. You share your joys and your sorrows with me, and sometimes I share mine with you. Bo doesn’t say very much, but is a great listener. As such, it is important to me that I provide you with the best selection of specialty greeting cards that I can – cards that capture all those special emotions and feelings. Whether it is the loss of a parent or a pet, All Lives Matter, and it is important that you find that one card that not only touches you, but also the extraordinary person who will receive it.

For that reason, card buying is my most difficult job, but also the job I enjoy the most. It is my goal to offer you specialty greeting cards that evoke warm feelings and capture special moments in our lives, such as birthdays, graduation, engagement, and weddings, and of course the passing to new life. But there are birthdays in every month, there are males and females, there are young and old, and on and on. There are all sorts of occasions, reasons to celebrate, illnesses and accidents to recover from – the list just keeps going. So I need a lot of help, and that’s where my wonderful suppliers come in…..

– Artists to Watch – Beautiful Art, Delightful Bunnies, Stunning Photographs

– Bonair Daydreams – Black and White Photography and Hand Written Notes

– Cardthartic – Passages, Little Reminders, and Meanings of Life

– Leanin Tree – Wild, Whacky, Colorful, and Fun, with a Country Flair

– Patience Brewster–Unique and Fanciful Artwork

Covering the full scope of our lives (and the lives of our loved ones) our Specialty Greeting Cards run the full gamut, beginning at birth, and then cover all the special events that occur throughout our lives.Come on into Smiles on the Square and Discount Toner & Ink, listen to some music, and look over our fine selection. You’ll be glad you did!

Smiles on the Square
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112 N Liberty Street
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