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Discount Toner & Ink Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Discount Toner & Ink for my compatible cartridges?
While being extremely economical and environmentally friendly, Discount Toner & Ink’s compatible imaging supplies are tested and manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities.  We pride ourselves on offering a quality product.  Discount Toner & Ink products deliver the performance you require, from first print to last, and at savings of up to 50%, when compared to OEM prices. 

What is a Re-manufactured cartridge?
A re-manufactured cartridge is one that has been recycled and reprocessed from an original equipment manufacturer’s empty core.  Not only is this a GREEN practice, but it is also a cost saving one! 

Is a re-manufactured cartridge inferior to a new one?
There should be no difference in print quality or page yield with a properly re-manufactured cartridge.  You may lose such things as ink level visibility, but performance should be the same. 

Will using a Re-manufactured cartridge void my printer warranty?
No!  The law prohibits manufacturers from voiding their warranty obligations on the grounds that a consumer did not use the original manufacturer’s replacement cartridge. 

Am I helping the environment by using re-manufactured cartridges?
Absolutely!  Recycling empty printer cartridges is the most environmentally friendly option of those available to deal with used cartridges.  It takes as much as 1.5 liters of oil to produce a new cartridge from scratch; even worse, discarded ink and toner cartridges can take more than 1,000 years to decompose. 

What if I receive an error message when I first use my refilled cartridge?
Typically all error messages can be avoided through the printer’s settings.  If any issues are encountered, we can help you with them over the phone, or feel free to bring your printer into the shop, and we will try to solve it there.